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BOS 2000 – 2 Battery-operated Vacuum Therapy Pump

This battery-operated Vacuum Therapy System is simple to use. One press of the button and the motor begins a smooth steady pumping action that will provide the most natural method of gaining an erection using a Vacuum Therapy System.

Other functions are the same as the basic manually operated Vacuum Therapy System. After the vacuum has drawn the blood into the penis, a constriction band is slipped from the tube to the penis in order to hold the blood in the penis and maintain an erection.

Partner satisfaction is considered high. However, straightforward discussion about using the system as part of intercourse and partner acceptance helps in the overall satisfaction.

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Our Lowest-Priced FDA Approved Vacuum Therapy System

The IVP 600 Vacuum Therapy System is for those who cannot naturally achieve an erection or those who can achieve only a partial erection. The patented vacuum therapy system allows a man to create a firm, natural erection.

Will accept the Battery Head Upgrade.

The Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System

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If you are often or always unable to achieve a sufficient erection for sexual intercourse, consult your doctor promptly to avoid a potentially harmful delay in diagnosing the cause of your condition (impotence).

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