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The desire is there, the moment is right, but the shared satisfaction of intercourse is not. It's every man's worst fear. Nearly one in five men report sexual performance problems at some time in their lives. Whether the reason is physical or psychological, the loss of intimacy can be devastating to any couple. But now, there's Rejoyn a reliable new way to help you enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Rejoyn - a new way to rediscover intimacy.

This is the time you've been planning and waiting for. But now, when you both most want to enjoy all that life has to offer, intimacy has become difficult. Although rarely discussed, impotency is something nearly one in five men experience sometime through-out their lives. Whether the result of a medical condition, or not, impotency can be hard for any couple to handle. With a Rejoyn system there is really is no reason why you cannot enjoy the fulfilling sex life as long as you live.

The new impotence pill, "Viagra", will be tried by millions of men. While the impotence pill will work for many men, unfortunately, it will not work for all men. Some men taking the impotence pill may only experience a semi-erection that may be disappointing to them and their partner.

Now, Rejoyn offers those trying the impotence pill an effective way to achieve a firmer erection that will be satisfying for both partners. We recommend that you use the Rejoyn products along with the impotence pill.

If you fall into one of the following groups... then you should consider using the Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System, or perhaps the Rejoyn Constriction Ring System.

* Tried the impotence pill but it did not work
* Tried the impotence pill, but was disappointed with the firmness of the erection.
* Your doctor advised you were not a candidate for the impotence pill.
* You would rather use a non-invasive, non-prescripton treatment that has no side effects.

Now available without a prescription

Choose the Rejoyn System which works best for you - from the Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System, the Rejoyn Constriction Ring, or the Rejoyn Support Sleeve.


The Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System

The Rejoyn Support Ring System

The Rejoyn Support Sleeve System

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If you are often or always unable to achieve a sufficient erection for sexual intercourse, consult your doctor promptly to avoid a potentially harmful delay in diagnosing the cause of your condition (impotence).

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