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The Rejoyn Support Sleeve System

The Rejoyn Support Sleeve System is designed as an aid to enable a man with a flaccid penis to engage in intercourse. The patented support sleeve provides the rigidity you need for intercourse.

The Rejoyn support sleeve was developed with the help of a certified sex therapist over the course of six years and tested by couples who were experiencing problems. In the years since release over 300,000 couples have relied on Rejoyn.

A Safe, Easy, Alternative Solution

Rejoyn is a patented penile support sleeve made from soft, medical grade Santoprene™ rubber. Unlike injections, or urethral suppositories Rejoyn is both easy to use and comfortable. Rejoyn fits over the penis providing the support and rigidity you need for intercourse. While not a treatment or cure, Rejoyn's simplicity allows you to enjoy sexual intimacy whenever and wherever you want without worry.

The penile support sleeve for intercourse with or without an erection.

Designed to facilitate sexual intimacy, the Rejoyn Support Sleeve supports a flaccid penis, but also expands to accommodate a semi-erect or fully erect penis. The Rejoyn Support Sleeve is made of soft, medical grade rubber. It is comfortable and easy to wear.

What Rejoyn users are saying:

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful product."

"It has restored the vibrancy and vitality to our marriage of 35 years."

"My husband and I are closer than ever."

Made in the USA.

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If you are often or always unable to achieve a sufficient erection for sexual intercourse, consult your doctor promptly to avoid a potentially harmful delay in diagnosing the cause of your condition (impotence).

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