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The Rejoyn Support Ring System

The Rejoyn Support Ring System is for those who can naturally achieve an erection but have difficulty maintaining it or those who can achieve only a partial erection. The support ring helps maintain an erection until the ring is removed.

The Rejoyn Support Ring System may promote firmer, longer lasting erections. They are Easy, Safe and comfortable to wear.

They help to prevent the loss of an erection when you're unable to maintain one naturally.

The Rejoyn Constriction Ring is made of soft, medical grade silicon, a non-Latex material.

Rings are reusable.


4 different opening sized rings, loading cone, loading sleeve, lubricant sample, and privacy pouch

Made in the USA.

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If you are often or always unable to achieve a sufficient erection for sexual intercourse, consult your doctor promptly to avoid a potentially harmful delay in diagnosing the cause of your condition (impotence).

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